Welcome to inSTEM manager profiling
The most crucial part of our entire process. No more badly written CVs or generic job specs. This is where we ask a series of questions to really understand the inner working of your team. Any information you provide will only be shared with candidates who completely match with you.

Please be as clear and concise as you can. This will help our technology select only the most accurate matches. A lot of thought has gone into our questions, and this profiling exercise is designed to paint a very complete and compelling picture of your team.
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What is the overall level of commercial experience within the team/division (1=low & 5=high) *

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Can be technical or cultural unique selling point, but must be something you truly believe makes you unique compared to other teams internally and externally.
Team/division flaws - what are they? *

What do you do badly as a team, collectively? Acknowledging your own weaknesses and being transparent makes you likeable and creditable. Negatives are also often interpreted as positives. Max 500 characters.
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This offers a nice level of transparency to the candidates. Feel free to elaborate on your experience, expertise and character.
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Thank you for completing our profiling exercise. We will be in touch shortly. If you wish to change anything after submittal, please email us. We appreciate forms can be dull, so we will now re-direct you to a space invaders game.

Your welcome.
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