Welcome to inSTEM profiling for managers
The most crucial part of our entire process. No more badly written CVs or generic job specs. This is where we ask a series of questions to really understand what you want. Any information you provide will only be shared with companies you give us explicit, written permission to approach.

Please be as clear and concise as you can. This will help our technology select only the most accurate team matches. A lot of thought has gone into our questions, and this profiling exercise is designed to paint a very complete and compelling picture of your ideal position.
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Only first name here please. It helps us with matching.
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What describes your current focus best? *

Which sector interests you the most? *

Because we aim to focus our matches as closely as possibly with your specific interests, we ask you to think carefully and define only one area.

What type of product interests you most? *

Please focus on one...

Please describe your ideal technical & structural set-up of a team... *

In no more than 500 characters. What we are really looking for here is your ideal architectural set-up, including core technologies you want to specifically work with.
What kind of environment suits you culturally *

Primary motivation *

What would be the one most important thing you change about your current situation if you could?

Please add some context to your primary motivation selection... *

eg. if your answer was 'Earn more', do you feel undervalued in your current position? Max 500 characters.
Please describe your most significent professional achievement... *

Ideally something you have built in a commercial environment. Please include as much detail as possible. Max 500 characters. *New graduates - feel free to use education projects as examples.
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Only if you use it. We love Skype and we use it to reach you in real time (less intrusive than phone).
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If you don't use Skype regularly, this is required. 

Linkedin URL *

Important - we don't ask for CVs so this is important for us to cross check some of the answers you give us (such as commercial experience). We have to do our due diligence on both sides.
Github URL

Only if you have contributed to it something you are proud to show off.
City where you would ideally like to work from *

Please choose one of the other cities we operate in...

Do you require sponsorship to work in the UK? *

If you are not sure, please choose "Other" and input "Don't know". We will be able to help you.

Are you ideally interested in contract or permanent positions? *

Salary *

Important: If we found you your perfect role in your ideal city, in the perfect environment, what would be the minimum gross, annual salary you could accept?
Gross rate *

Daily rate please.
Dossier send frequency *

Please let us know how urgently you would like to find something new, and we will try to control the flow of team dossiers we send you accordingly. 

0 = Won't consider any opportunities, regardless of situation
1 = Open to only perfect matches
2 =  Moderately open minded
3 = Very open minded
4 = Actively looking for a new position
If something comes up, when will you be available to start a new role? *

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1=not very good, 5=splendid. We might reach out and ask you for suggestions if your rating is less than 2.

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We would like to retain your details in order to contact you about future opportunities. We will never share your data with third parties without your prior consent and we will keep it secure. You can change your mind at any time by emailing us directly on info@talentedge.com

Please click the box to confirm that you are happy for us to process your information in this way. If not, please close this profiling exercise and we will not retain your details. Our website is currently under construction, however imminently further information on how we process your data will be available on our Data Security Policy by following this link: www.talentedge.com *

Thank you for completing our profiling exercise. We will reach out over email shortly with next steps. If you wish to change anything after submittal, please email us. We appreciate forms can be dull, so we will now re-direct you to a space invaders game.

You're welcome.
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